Casino City's Casino Buyer's Guide - 2023 Edition

Innovative Touch Screen Solutions Setting the Gold Standard U.S. Based Customer Service, Product Support, Sales, Engineering, and Procurement. (843) 990-2172 | info@goldf inger www. go l df i ngermon i tor s . com Goldfinger procurement is based in the South Carolina Headquarters Office. Our engineering team is building strong relationships with USA-represented suppliers for a more efficient collaboration and delivery execution. We stay on top of industry trends and provide cutting-edge, quality product. From design to sample delivery, Goldfinger has your gaming needs covered. Goldfinger’s multi-touch PCAP monitors feature superior image quality and industry-only flawless touch sensing in all conditions, including: with heavy gloves, in pouring rain, under vibration, covered in dirt, and in extreme temperatures. Our PCAP monitors are designed for standardization throughout our entire product line. With sizes ranging from 17” - 110”. Our patent pending back cover offers manufacturers and OEMs seamless integration into their products. Industry Leaders in Gaming Displays Used in Casinos Throughout the U.S. Visit us at G2E Booth #2835 Read More about Goldfinger Products on Page 107 $49.95 US ISBN 978-1-60627-180-3 . . , , , , . l . . l . l i i li . i i i il i l i i i li i l i li i . i i i , li . i l li , l i . l ’ l i i i i li i l l i i l i i , i l i : i l , i i i , i i , i i , i . i i i i i li . i i i . i l i i i i . l I - - - -