Casino City's Casino Buyer's Guide - 2024 Edition

THEIR LOYALTY, YOUR PROFITS FEATURING Casino Loyalty Technology Foundation HQ is a full CMS and Loyalty system that can dramatically grow new enrollments by removing sign-up friction and deploying a ten second enrollment process. Go Cashless in as Little as 100 Days Cashless Casino enables casino operators to deploy the industry’s best-of-breed cashless gaming and loyalty solution in as little as 100 days. Upgrade Your Ticketing Experience Transform the ticketing experience by issuing data-driven bonus tickets from a slot machine’s ticket printer that can be redeemed for cash, free play, merchandise, and more. Maximize Your Profits on Video Poker Advanced analytics from Foundation evaluate every decision made in video poker to allow casinos to optimize marketing and operations. CASHLESS TIBO(TICKET-IN. BONUS-OUT) FOUNDATIONHQ VIDEO POKER ANALYZER STOP BY OUR BOOTH OR SCAN THE CODE TO SCHEDULE A DEMO LEARN HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR CASINO AT G2E BOOTH 4211