Casino City's Casino Buyer's Guide - 2023 Edition

• Reliability: The #2 secret to growing your gift program revenue is earning player’s trust. When you work with Imagine This, players are assured to receive what they came in for and not get turned away or offered something else. • Robust Return Policy: Clients only pay for what they use. Player satisfaction is 100% guaranteed along with a full 100% return policy you can rely on. • Warehouse/Shipping Logistics: We eliminate the risk of non-delivery. • Quality Products: Our factory direct products mean you get the highest quality products and packaging for your money. • Vetted Gifts: We only offer proven winners to our clients. • With over $50 million in ready-to-ship inventory. • Our Newest Addition is our Free Product Lifestyle videos and digital artwork to excite more of your players to come in and participate. For those who want to take advantage of our growth strategies, we offer complimentary analysis. Working in tandem with your Data Team, we will help you discover both cost-saving and growth opportunities. Our company motto, “Your Success is Our Success”, is how all of us at Imagine This perform our duties each day. Come check out our website. We have lots to share with you and you can meet our team of professionals! Visit: www.imaginethis.comOR reach out to us at 877-491-4900 and ask for Alisa Stewart or Adam Bullock to book a virtual catalog tour or presentation that will knock your socks off! ORIGINATOR AND MARKET LEADER IN CASINO CONTINUITY PROGRAMS The Imagine This approach to your weekly gifting needs is a powerful Inflation Buster and True Variable Cost Promotion, as you only pay for what you use! What makes us the #1 choice for our clients? • Marketing Executives love our turnkey approach and we have never missed a delivery date! We are a safe bet. • Purchasing Executives love our access to a wide variety of proven gift sets to satisfy even the most decerning players. We send free samples, so you know exactly what quality and packaging to expect. • Executive Management loves our accountability and transparency, so they can clearly see the why our approach is self-funding, with huge revenue growth opportunity, especially when the economy slows down. How does Imagine This do it? • The ability for our clients to grow without losing time! Scaling is the #1 factor needed to optimize our client’s revenue and profit! Imagine This is the only supplier that can scale week-over-week, month-over-month, and year-over-year without missing a beat. • Proprietary Inventory Position: We produce and control our own inventory vs. relying on 3rd party providers, which enables our clients to scale on the fly. 877.491.4900 | IMAGINE THIS: THE REVENUE BOOSTERS