Casino City's Casino Buyer's Guide - 2023 Edition

Rising prices are eating away at household income gains, and consumers across the economic spectrum are bearing the pinch. Higher grocery and energy bills and staggering housing/rental prices are all forcing consumers to reassess monthly expenses and spending patterns, and in some cases, reduce discretionary budgets. Weʼre all in it together. Weʼre all looking for ways to stretch our dollars. Casinos can do their part by offering players trophy-value rewards that they need. Effective player loyalty programs that offer relevant, carefully selected rewards that help playersʼ wallets and that truly resonate during these precarious economic times, can make a real impact on your player retention rates. Our team of product experts will curate a selection of trending rewards from dozens of categories that align with the priorities and interests of your players. From cookware to electronics and from handbags to outdoor gear, Rymax offers must-have merchandise from more than 400 premium brands, such as MCM, Solo Stove and Therabody. Whether the rewards are for work or for play, our portfolio of rewards reflect the wants and needs of todayʼs players and represent brands they recognize and covet. Our award-winning programs are strategically designed using demographic data and analytics to engage and motivate your players on and off the casino floor. We offer loyalty tools and rewards that appeal to players at all levels and of every generation. IMPACTING PLAYER RETENTION IN TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES